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 Rulez For Ya~!

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PostSubject: Rulez For Ya~!   Fri Nov 18, 2011 12:53 am

  • Rule #1:
Use good grammer. We don't need to be troubled because of horrid grammer.

  • Rule #2:
Be respectful, not only to Admin but to other players. Gotta problem, tell me!!

  • Rule #3:
Don't be afraid to roleplay as your own character..! Yaoi is permited, not sexual content. Please, keep this site clean of that.. Curse words are okay..

  • Rule #4:
No godmodding (invincable) or powerplaying (taking over another player's character).

  • Rule #5:
Stay active.

  • Rule #6:
Above all... Have fun!!
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Rulez For Ya~!
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